4 Easy Ways to Market Your Business for the 4th of July

Most of us think of the 4th of July as the day America declared it’s independence and the day we get together with family and friends for the much loved tradition of BBQ’s, pool parties and fireworks. But the 4th of July is also a great time to market your small business and get yourself ready for the start of summer!

Embrace the Red, White and Blue

Holidays are a great time to get kitschy and embrace the holiday theme. So if you’re a restaurant consider offering a red, white and blue dish as a special for the holiday weekend. Some fun flower arrangements with red, white and blue dyed flowers would be great for a florist to embrace the holiday and show off your skills. If you have a clothing store go crazy with some fun decorations in patriotic colors and accessorize your window display with shirts or accessories that fit the theme. Furniture stores can also get on board, swap out those neutral pillows for a bright pop of red and trade out that classic painting with an Uncle Sam poster. There’s a lot you can do with what you have on hand and a little imagination, don’t forget to visit your local dollar store for some fun decorations that won’t break the bank.

Up Your Social Media Game

Social media and email marketing are your best ways to reach customers all year round, but as July 4th approaches start thinking about how you can personalize the experience for the holiday (and the rest of the summer). If you’re a restaurant promote a hashtag that diners can use when checking in, post photos the days leading up to the holiday weekend with the fun patriotic dishes you’ll have as specials for the weekend or share some quick and easy recipes they can make for their own BBQ. Nail saloons can showcase their skills with a brush by posting pictures of the fun and funky designs you can do in red, white and blue. When it comes to utilizing social media for the holidays all you have to do is let your fans, followers and customers know about any promotions or limited time items you have, keep an eye out for any trending hashtags and join the conversation to increase your reach.

Discounts and Freebies

It’s no secret that people love free stuff, consider giving out a small item that embraces that 4th of July spirit to customers over the holiday weekend. Some favorites of ours that won’t break the bank are fake tattoos, sunglasses or glow sticks. Don’t have the budget for giveaways consider offering a discount or special pricing for the holiday, if you’re a clothing retailer perhaps you can offer some items for $17.76 or 4 for $7 special on accessories. You can play with the date anyway you choose, just be sure to tweet about it and let your customers know about the specials and sales you'll be running.

Go Local

Whether it’s a parade, block party or town fair get involved in the holiday events your community is hosting. Consider setting up a booth or table to showcase your best products and get your name out there. Be sure to offer some kind of give away, can be as small as candy or bottles of water (with your name and logo on them) or a coupon inviting event goers to stop by your store. Don’t forget to post on social media where people can find you and special promotions you’ll be doing. Local events are great for networking and meeting new customers so get out there! 

Sasha Surman