How Can You Use the New Facebook “360” Photos for Your Business

You may have come across it already, that post on your Facebook feed from a friend that suddenly started moving when you got jostled on the train this morning. Don’t worry it wasn’t a fluke, this is a new feature available for Facebook users, allowing them to experience a moment in time in 360 degrees. The feature called “360 Photos” allows users to upload a flat panorama to Facebook that will then be converted into a 360 photo suitable for Newsfeeds around the world, users will be able to hold and drag to move photos around on their phones or with their VR gear. 360 photos and videos have been around for a while now, Facebook has had support for 360 videos in the news feed since September, but a good photo or video could be expensive to shoot and put together, until now. Thanks to technological advances the only piece of equipment you need to put together your own is just your phone.

One of the best things about 360 photos is that the sky’s the limit, companies are using them at rocket launches, sporting events, even to take a ride with a weather balloon. The possibilities for businesses are equally endless.

Restaurants can use 360 photos to showcase private party rooms or give diners an inside peek of what it’s like in a restaurants kitchen during the Saturday night rush.

Bed & Breakfasts, hotels and vacation rentals can truly benefit from 360 photos as it will allow you to give guests a tour of every room in the house, including the fancy breakfast spread.

Interior designers can take photos of rooms they’ve designed, showcasing their talents and design know how for potential clients in a truly immersive experience.

If you’re a car dealer you can use the photos to showcase what cars are available for purchase, or to give shoppers an inside peek of the newest car on the show floor.

Contractors and landscapers can really benefit from these photos, by giving clients a 360-degree view of a finished space or yard, showcasing their skills in a way a 2D photo can not.

Travel agents can use this feature to show off the spectacular views in popular travel destinations or the upgrades the honeymoon suite can offer.

Event planners and designers would also benefit from using 360 photos to show off their work, let prospective clients get a first hand look at your design abilities from all angles with a 360 photo.


A Few Tips to Keep in Mind

Make sure you have the right gear.

            While most phones these days have the ability to take a great photo, to take a 360 photo you’ll want to have the latest Apple or Android phone. These devices have the power, memory and processing power necessary to create a great panorama.

Practice makes perfect.

            You’ll want to do a few different takes of your photo before posting one on Facebook to ensure that what your presenting truly showcases your company’s skills and abilities. So play with the angle and the lighting a bit first to get a handle on how to best present the photo.

Steady hands are important.

            It doesn’t matter how good your camera is or how stunning the imagery if it looks like the camera holder tripped while filming. With a panorama photo it’s not as important as all you’ll have to do is line up the image to ensure continuity but with a video you’ll want a steady hand and smooth movement. Consider in investing in a handheld stabilizer or tripod to allow for a better video experience.

How will you use 360 Photos to showcase your business?

Sasha Surman