Free Design Tools to Create Your Business Logo

A company logo can appear on a company’s website, letterhead, newsletter, business and holiday cards, the list goes on and on. So of course it’s important to have a good logo, but where to start if you have no artistic abilities, limited design skills and your experience with being creative is limited to what filter would make your Instagram post stand out the most. Thankfully there are tons of design tools and resources available to help you create a logo that pops, or at least one that’s not a dud.

While there are hundreds, if not thousands of websites that specialize in logo creation, the below are a few of our favorites. Each one of these is free, easy to use and best of all…. Little to no design skills required.


Level of Design Ability: Stick figures are my specialty

Each of these websites allows you to quickly and easily create a logo and are a great place to start if you don’t have something specific in mind. All you have to do is type in your company name, select the industry and start scrolling through the options till one catches your eye.

logogenie -

Canva's logo tool allows you to scroll through hundreds of professionally designed logos that look will give your business a clean and fresh look sure to please any staunch businessman or millennial. Once you find one you like just click to edit the template with their intuitive design tools. (Bonus, we love using Canva to create graphics for our blog and social media posts and you will too.)  
Canva -

Level of Design Ability: I took art… once… in high school

While the below tools are easy to use, you’ll need to have a better idea of what you want your logo to look like. You start by exploring the clipart selection and then play with the font options till you find what works for you.

Logo Garden-

Though each of these websites can get you started with your very first (maybe second or third) logo, you may want to consider hiring a professional down the line. All these sites use readily available clipart and font’s that can easily be copied by another company and you may run into some copyright issues if you try to trademark the logo.

Some Essential Tips for Logo Design

While designing a great or even good logo can seem a bit like rocket science, it doesn't have to be.  Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when designing your new logo. 

The colors of your logo should match the spirit of your company, your going to want to use those colors across multiple platforms to create a unified brand experience. So choose wisely.

Size matters. You’ll want to make sure that any logo you choose looks just as good on your business card as it will on a large screen TV. Before you order your economy box of 10,000 business cards test it out at a few different resolutions to make sure it’s optimized.

K.I.S.S. you may remember this acronym from your school days and it still holds true today, keep it simple. Don’t use too many colors, fonts or icons, it will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Make sure to get your logo in different formats, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, EPS are some of the most common that you might need when ordering business cards, flyers, or designing a website.

While a good or even great logo won’t close the deal it can at least make sure that you make a good first impression. 

Sasha Surman