Meet our underwriters

There are significant benefits to working with LIftForward for or both companies and member-based organizations that serve small businesses.    

Strengthen your small business customer or member’s financial position:  The recent recession and credit crunch has made obtaining capital much more difficult for small businesses.  With LiftForward, you can help your small business customers obtain the funding they need to fuel their growth.  In doing so, your business also grows, through increased win-rates and transaction sizes.   Member-based organizations that serve small business can offer this valuable benefit, knowing that adequate funding is a critical element for their constituents’ success.  

Receive a new revenue stream:  LiftForward offers a revenue sharing plan or sponsorship that enables clients to benefit financially from offering the service.  LiftForward clients participate in the financing profits and fees obtained through the service.  

Improve customer experience and deepen customer relationships:  By offering financing to small business customers, companies and member-based organizations deepen relationships with their constituents.  Extending this valuable service shows small business customers that your organization understands their needs, which include not only obtaining products & services, but having the flexibility and funding to buy them.  


Drew Nichols